Ancient History Video Shoot, Bushwick – Part 2


Still in Bushwick…Lots of little ghosts waiting on deck during the shoot. Sami takes a load off. P1240233 P1240241P1240252The lineup. I’m shooting this while in ghost costume. It took me forever to get my hands free from the endless layers of fabric in that getup. P1240265In between takes, I got restless and bossed Sami around to pose for me on ridiculous objects. She’s such a sport and an absolute glammapus. P1240270Donald dukes it out for the camera. P1240313Rachael’s still fighting with the leading man and leaving him in a huff of glamor. I tell you, heartbreak sells records, people!!!P1240305Down in the brickyard….utter gorgeousness. P1240295“Hey, Sami, go sit over there on top of that pile of rusty fencing and lean back for me, will ya?” I cannot express how much of a good sport this girl is…total Little Sister Syndrome…I guarantee this has been the scene her entire life- getting dressed up and propped up in places, being the guinnea pig. We love ya for it, Sami! P1240328I had a great day with the ladies and the crew shooting for Ancient History. In case you’re wondering, the video has a bit of a love/conflict story juxtaposed with some imagery involving ghosts (yours truly) and a construction yard. I honestly had no idea what the concept and I left halfway through shooting so it will be very interesting to see the finished product. A big thanks to Donald and Ancient History for letting me tag along. Good luck!