Ancient History Video Shoot, Bushwick-Part 1


This is Donald and today he’s shooting a music video for his band, Ancient History. P1240136Rachael is the female lead in the video and her sister Sami and I are there for moral support. P1240152Andddd, maybe for a little extra security for her because they’re shooting here today. P1240156No hair and makeup on set, but Rachael’s an old pro at this.
P1240173Meanwhile, Sami and I get the call. “Hey girls, come and get your costumes”…..say what?P1240175 P1240197Sami and Donnie in ghost mode. P1240208 P1240213The camera dudes were the best. What a genius use of the Gorillapod.
P1240238Shooting take number 1000 of the jilted lovers quarrel.

Ghosts Sami and Court are on standby…see what happens next tomorrow. Little ghosts should not be left unattended in a construction depot.