Joshua Tree Day Two


On Day 2, we checked out of the motel and headed back into the park one last time. Luckily, that Monday was the start of National Parks Week and admission was free!
P1240007Much thanks for the Dogg family for letting us borrow the whip for the drive out. That thing corners like it’s on rails!
P1240015We found a little valley where ranchers used to hide cattle. All the trees were petrified by the wind and sun.
P1240016Logan led us through the winding paths of the valley.
P1240019And then, the winding paths of the park’s roads. After over 10 years away from 4 wheels, he did a stellar job getting us to our next stop.
P1240024Which happened to be the site were Gram Parsons’  (remember? the one from the motel we stayed?) stolen body was cremated.
P1240028Gram Parsons died of a morphine and alcohol overdose at the Joshua Tree Inn. His body was to be shipped back to Louisiana  for burial, however, it was stolen by friends to comply with his last wishes. Parsons wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread in Joshua Tree. His friends stole the body, drove it in a “borrowed” hearse to Joshua Tree, and lit it on fire at this very site. And they pretty much got away with it. (Read here)P1240031Can you imagine the sight? A blazing fireball in the middle of this.
Moving on…I’ve never taken so many pictures of trees. These Joshua Trees are just so unique. 
Here comes the part where I did some exploring of my own. I was looking for a little shelter from the sun and found this awesome cave formed by three huge boulders leaning up against each other. It must have been about 10 feet in diameter and with a 10 foot ceiling. I squeezed through the little entrance and cajoled Logan to join me, not noticing the huge amounts of coyote poop in the cave. Yup, I led us straight into a coyote den….I have zero wilderness instincts. Thank goodness nobody was home!
P1240035 P1240041Taunting lizards. Overall, an amazing trip. Completely mind blowing. Thank you to Logan for bringing me there and making my birthday so special!