Joshua Tree Park at Sunset


At the end of Day 1 in Joshua Tree National Park, our main goal was to chase the sunset. We were determined to nail the perfect shot that encompassed this place in all of it’s beauty and glory.
P1220935 P1220936 P1220940Logan was super focused on the horizon knowing that our time was limited and sunset would be coming fast.
P1220942 P1220945He traversed the valley looking for the perfect vantage point, while my tired legs found a nice ledge to rest and snap him in the pursuit.
P1220950 P1220957All there was left was the stillness of the desert, the sinking sun, and the steady trot of his desert boots zig zagging the landscape.
P1220958The sun sank like a stone past the horizon, casting long shadows on the desert floor and turning the sky into a warm array of pastels. It was perfect. P1220982We left the desert tired, happy, and content. P1220981

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