Joshua Tree Day 1


After two days in LA, we headed East to Joshua Tree National Park. P1220886Two hours down the I-10 and the LA hills give way to gorgeous desert colors.
P1220891Logan tests the ultimate “hip sack”‘s capabilites while we wait for our hotel to open up for the day. I’m still calling it a fanny pack.
P1220997The Joshua Tree Inn is the most quaint and quirky hotel in town. Please keep in mind that town is literally a stretch on the main drag of like a quater mile so this is your best bet for hotels in the area. This small motel was built in 1950 and is where the legendary musician Gram Parsons spent his last hours. The Inn has kept his room in perfect order to this day and there’s a small shrine on the premises in ode to him.
P124000240 years later…
P1240003 P1240004Once situated, we headed into the park. It was utterly amazing. I’ve never seen any place like this.
P1220901The Joshua Tree is a yucca tree native to southwestern North America. The name Joshua Tree was given to it by Mormon settlers who thought the tree’s unique shape mimicked a biblical story in which Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer.
P1220903 P1220908I don’t doubt it. As arid as a desert can be, this place is an utter celebration of beauty in nature. P1220914We drove to so many spots and got out of the car to hike, climb, and meander across this gorgeous landscape.
P1220911 P1220915What struck me were the rocks. Humungous boulders, impossibly stacked on top of each other dominate the landscape. Their positioning seemed to be physically impossible. P1220917According to my park map, most of this stuff is granite. Yeah, your kitchen countertops are the stame stuff as this rock here. Logan eyes up a slab to take home to LA. P1220922Lots of natural caves formed by adjoining boulders. This was the first of many dangerous caves I’d lead us into during the trip. Such a city slicker!P1220924P1220927Logan and I do the Kid N Play while the sun starts to go down…stay tuned for sunset photos!

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