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Earlier this week, I dropped by the studio of my friend and artist Nicole Cohen of Sketch42 blog. She was working on a commissioned painting that will be showcased in a room designed by Nicole Gibbons of So Haute at this year’s Design on a Dime event. I got to hang with the ladies in Nicole’s studio to watch her paint. It’s an amazing place filled with the best light I’ve seen. DSC_3249DSC_3241 DSC_3242 DSC_3251 DSC_3257 DSC_3264I’m drawn to artists and creative people because of their dedication and ability to communicate with people through various forms. It’s not easy painting abstracts. There’s a ton of things to think about regarding composition and movement that the normal layperson would never even dream of during this process. One could get carried away with the process and end up with a dizzying heap of crap. Not Nicole…she’s got enough experience and confidence in her brush strokes, coupled with knowing when to stop which makes her work great.P1220809

I had a great time playing “art director ” today, because I got to be a bossy cow and eat sandwiches! Make sure you go see the final product in  Nicole Gibbons’ room at the Design on a Dime’s 2013 interior design benefit for Housingworks this coming April 25-27.

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  1. No doubt! I think it’s great to have a friend that understands and appreciates art the way y’all do. I don’t have that here so definitely take advantage of it! Also would love to see Nicole decorate her art studio, theres so much space. With her style I’m sure it would be bad ass.

    1. Thanks Bri! Yea, I do want to decorate it, but they just recently did some construction (that they are still in the middle of) so I cant do anything yet!

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