Death Wish: Newport, RI



Christmas night, the boys drunkenly pledged that they’d jump Doris Duke’s the next day in freezing temps. True to their word, Rocket and Chauncey braved the 37* wind chill to take the plunge…at low tide to boot. P1210741

It was so cold that the dogs were protesting the cold. Snoops knows what’s up. He’s not moving anywhere. P1210745

I’ll spare you the sight of watching two hung over, shivering dudes stuffing themselves into their wetsuits. Rocket’s psyched up and Chauncey awaits the opportunity to abort mission.


P1210756The boys size up the descent below into the freezing ocean waters. What happened next literally took my breath away. Not wanting to be the dorky worry wart, I crossed my fingers and prayed to the ocean gods that I wouldn’t have to call the ambulance when Rocket lept into the sea. rocketgridP1210788Thank god he lived. Then, Chauncey was next.

P1210789 P1210794These boys are utterly bananas….

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