The Bells: Brenton Point Park, Newport, RI


Thanksgiving weekend ushered in a new temperature onto Aquidenck Island…..the freezing kind. Looks like Fall’s sunny days are giving in to gusty and gloomy days ahead. I headed out this weekend with the usual suspects to explore Brenton Point State Park on Ocean Drive.

This used to be a grand stable that the locals once called “The Bells,” referring to the former bell tower that was housed in this structure. It’s in total decay and is hallowed grounds for local graffiti artists.

It’s sad when amazing buildings crumble.

5 thoughts on “The Bells: Brenton Point Park, Newport, RI

  1. really too bad, but I can imagine the costs of keeping it from crumbling. In fact too bad the graffiti artists didn’t somehow cull their energy into preservation instead of really f’king up the place…

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