Nemo in NYC


Nemo found his way to NYC this weekend and once again, poor Logan gets stranded in the city with no proper foul weather gear (see Sandy). Sometimes, you just have to innovate and get moving. P1210994Higgins was absolutely enthralled with this setup. It has to be because he’s seen his fellow canine friends prancing around NYC in those ridiculous dog shoes, and is perhaps confused as to why his human is doing the same thing.
P1220018He’s not so sure of this.

With no other choice, we push on into the streets with Central Park as our destination. P1220023 P1220024NYC got about 1 ft of snow and by the time we ventured out this morning.P1220030The park looked glorious. Absolutely stunning.
P1220032P1220040Higgins was loving the deep snow and was soon covered in icicles. Here is is mugging with is favorite auntie, Lisa.
P1220041We were in total tourist mode while Logan waited patiently in his plastic bag booties. P1220043 P1220045This was utter chaos and if you do not have a child, you do not belong in this arena. Kids were flying everywhere and helicopter parents were all abuzz. Gorgeous day….until it all melts tomorrow.